About SuccessNoob

Hi, My name is Ayomide Omole. I am an accountant by profession, an eCommerce rookie and a writer by everything else. I’m just 18 years old, a little too young you might think. But please don’t be fooled, you can learn from anyone.

I believe every human being has the potential to be a success. Success should not be attributed to a certain gender, race, or religion. I believe we all have the abilities to not just generate ideas, but bring about  uniquely amazing, seriously intimidating, law defying, globally acceptable innovations to make our world a better place. If you don’t have dreams, forgive me, but you’re on the wrong path. Because I think Life has no meaning when there isn’t anything you look towards achieving.

I also believe success is a journey, a journey I am here to help you embark on. I’m not here to sell myself to you, but to sell yourself to you, and make you see that even you can be all you want to be, if you do what’s required. Success is not far fetched it just takes the desire to be successful. It’s a journey, a daily attempt to be better. Something Big is coming your way, be a part of it. Cheers to you living the life you were made to live.