Don’t Get Comfortable!

We all are sometimes amazed at how rich Bill Gates is, and how successful Apple Inc. is. Everyone wants to be just as successful. We all want to be able to generate million dollar ideas and be known for them. But are you willing to pay the price?

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. – Steve Jobs.

I understand the feeling of satisfaction we get whenever we are commended for something we did, said or created. As humans it is normal to feel happy with yourself whenever you succeed in an activity no matter how little it is. But sometimes we take this ‘satisfaction’ too far! Never wallow in your success. Or you will never see the need to be better. If you’re number 1 today and you do not do anything different to make yourself even better, chances are that very soon you’ll be Number 2, and then Number 3…and before you know it you’ll be  wallowing in obscurity, the bottom of the food chain.

The iPhone is in high demand for one major reason – it keeps getting better! And that’s the power of innovation. Today, make sure you think beyond the now, and do something that’ll make you better than you were yesterday.


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