Objective Existence

Here’s something to think about…
What is it that matters the most? What other people think of you? Or what you think about yourself?
Well you can only give a response if you really know what it is you think of yourself. In all honesty, I have lived every day of my life trying to create a lasting impression on the minds of the people around me. Trying to live up to what is ‘morally acceptable’, because society always tries to instruct us on the way we should act at all times, even when it goes against everything we stand for. And slowly I lost hold of the real me.
The definition of being is ‘Objective Existence’ , to have Actuality or Reality. But the life we portray is not Real, it’s dictated! For most people, everyday is a continuous struggle to belong, to fit in,  to be accepted. We give society what it wants and kill ourselves on the inside. Don’t live in denial! Do something today that’s what you really want, and not what society will be pleased with. Let them get mad, and you be happy!

AyomideOmole ©2016


30 thoughts on “Objective Existence

  1. I can so relate to this. Having to live that perfect life so people’s opinion about me would be cool. Even when I’m not exactly comfortable with what I do. Learnt quickly that life was too short! Who cares about what they think as long as it’s making me happy?

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    1. Yeah we really need to start living for ourselves and not society. Because society sets the same criteria for acceptance for everyone, forgetting that we all have different behaviours, thought processes and abilities. Thank you for reading.

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  2. @ayo true talk jawe.. Like society want me to shave my head and little beards 😁😁 because it thinks it doesn’t look decent but I like it though. That’s how’s society has made people stop what they love doing just to fit in .let’s say NO to societal doctrine and live a life were we are happy✌✌✌✌

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  3. Hi there! First off, thank you for the honor of a follow.

    As one who’s lived outside people’s boxes all my life, I appreciate the passion of this post. There’s nothing like being genuine, even when that’s not popular. All the best to you!

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  4. Not being accepted in society just reminds me –this world is all smoke and mirrors. We have those tests to pass about learning to love ourselves for who we are. I really like what you wrote here. Everyone is in a hurry these days as well! Someone cut in front of me in line yesterday and instead of getting upset I said, “Go ahead, I’m not in a hurry.” Everyone looked at me funny and all left looking stressed out.

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    1. Now I cannot stop smiling! 🙂 Thank you! You just made my day honestly 😊😊. And thanks for following back.


      1. Honestly, every culture has a confort zone a space around their self that one should not stand so close. In America it is 12 inches around. If you are in line and the one behind stands 8 inches from you a sense of uncomfortability arises and you adjust your position to reclaim that space. I studied it in college. Interestng culture influences.


  5. Thank you so much for the follow! And your piece couldn’t have been more appropriate for ME today, for sure. I’m very much looking forward to reading more of your writing- so happy, always, to encounter a kindred spirit. (Even if I am a bear….)


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